About KS Sync Media

The Vision of KS Sync Media

In the heart of technological innovation, KS Sync Media stands as a testament to the visionary spirit of its founder, Kristian Strømmen.

Born from a passion for digital solutions and a keen eye for the evolving landscape of technology, KS Sync Media was established to bridge the gap between traditional business practices and the digital age.

Kristian Strømmen, a pioneer at heart, recognized early the transformative potential of software and its ability to revolutionize how businesses operate. With a background in IT and a relentless drive for innovation, Kristian embarked on the journey of establishing KS Sync Media. His vision was clear: to create a software agency that not only develops cutting-edge digital products but also provides strategic insight and guidance in the ever-changing world of technology.

Under Kristian's leadership, KS Sync Media has grown into a hub of creativity and technical excellence. The agency is renowned for its bespoke software solutions, ranging from websites, hosting and applications to advanced AI integrations, all designed to empower businesses in their digital transformation journey.

At the core of KS Sync Media's philosophy lies a commitment to client-centric innovation. Kristian and his team work closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and goals, crafting tailor-made solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

KS Sync Media's success is a reflection of Kristian's original vision: to harness the power of software to unlock new possibilities and lead businesses towards a future where technology and strategy converge seamlessly.

We’ve Got You Covered

Brand Logo

Craft your brand's identity with KS Sync Media's Brand Logo Service. Elevate your visual impact with a logo that speaks volumes about your business!

Website Hosting

Reliable and robust website hosting from KS Sync Media – the foundation for your online success!

AI & Automations

Unlock efficiency with KS Sync Media's AI & Automations – Transforming your business processes with smart, automated solutions.

Web Design​

Transform your online presence with KS Sync Media's Web Design Service. Experience sleek, modern, and user-friendly designs that capture your brand essence!

Copywriting With AI

Unlock the power of words with KS Sync Media's Copywriting AI Services. Transform your ideas into compelling narratives that engage and inspire your audience!

Social Media Management

Elevate your social game with KS Sync Media's Social Media Management. Engage, grow, and inspire your audience across all platforms!

Custom Lead Management Software

Elevate your customer engagement with KS Sync Media's Custom Lead Management Software – Streamlining your sales pipeline for optimal performance.


Maximize your customer relationships with KS Sync Media's CRM solutions – Efficiently manage interactions and drive business growth.

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